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1/23/99 -- Added 4 Sea Stories, this Revision History page, added 1 History Link page, added 1 CO,  and added 1 entry to the Deck Log..
1/26/99 -- Added 9 Sea Stories and a link to some more on Art Murphy's website.
1/30/99 -- Added 2 Sea Stories,corrected typo to the Crew Log, Added music (Anchors Aweigh) to the Sea Stories main page, and added a Mess Deck page and 2 DDG mess deck recipes.
1/31/99 -- Fixed typo on this page, added graphic to the Mess Deck page, and 2 additional DDG mess deck recipes.
2/2/99 -- Added 2 more sea stories and a Links page to other sites.
2/4/99 -- Added 1 sea story, 10 crew members, 1 new link, and replaced the 'anchor's away' music on the sea story page with a smaller MIDI file so that it will load faster.  Also did some general cleanup of the History page..
2/9/99 --  Added ALOT of pages from the 1962 Towers Cruise Book!
2/14/99 -- Added a link to the USS White Plains AFS-4 homepage, added several new shipmates, replaced the photo on the top level page with one provided by Frank Voras of
the USS Towers original configuration.
2/19/99 -- Preliminary work to join the NavShips History web ring, added meta tags for the search engines, added a link on the home page for the "What's New Page".
2/20/99 -- Compressed picture on top page so to load faster, added some crew & crew
info, added 2 Deck Log entries, added a link to the USS Turner Joy homepage .
2/26/99 -- Added several new crewmembers.
3/1/99 -- Added 12 additional crewmembers and several crew addresses.
3/4/99 -- Reunion information expanded to include both 1999 and 2000, added 1 shipmate and added additional crew info
3/13/99 -- Added new crew members, mods to addresses / email, added Towers crest to the history page, added 2 recipies and added Garza, Robert G.  SKSN's picture to pictures/crew-pictures.
3/20/99 -- .Added a number of new crewmembers, added to the list of COs (almost complete now), added 2 entries to the Decklog.
3/26/99 -- Added a link to Save the USS Adams DDG-2! , added several new crewmembers, 1 link to the link page,  and added 1 photo to pictures / crew.
3/28/99 -- Added several crew members, a link to the USS Hancock site, plus 2 awards (on the bottom of the top level page) that the website received from Jake's Yankee Station.
4/3/99 -- Added additional crewmembers, added a Site Map feature (requires a browser that supports Java) and a link to the USS Goldsborough DDG-20 website.  Also trying out a Ticker Tape feature to the top-level page (please let me know if you like it or if you find it too distracting).
4/11/99 -- Added another plankowner, some mods to email addresses, added a recipe for SOS to the Mess decks, added a link to a USS Benjamin Stoddert DDG-22 website.
4/17/99 -- Added some photos of the bridge of the USS Lawrence DDG-4, which is currently on display at Independence Seaport Museum at Penns Landing in Philadelphia, Pa. A Special Thanks to Jim Lawrence SK1 USS Towers 64-67 for these photos!
4/26/99 -- Added several new shipmates, 2 entries into the deck log (plus increased the font size and general cleanup of the deck log), and added updated information about the 1999 Reunion (check it out now by clicking here!)
5/10/99 -- Added a number of individuals to the crew list.
5/15/99 -- Added several new crewmembers, corrected the link to the USS Goldsborough DDG-20 on this and the links page, added a great picture of the Towers to the Pictures/At Sea page..
5/23/99 -- Added more crewmembers, updated some crewmember email addresses, added a page for John H Towers (for whom the USS Towers was named).
5/31/99 -- Added 1 new crew member, changes to some crew member's email addresses, updated the link to the Charles Adams Class website, added a copy of an original "Welcome Aboard" phamplet, and added a listing of all of the Adams Class DDGs.
6/2/99 -- Added 2 additional crewmembers, added address for 1 crewmember..
6/12/99 -- Added 12 crewmembers and a entry into the decklog from Andrea Towers Rohaly; a relative of the late John H. Towers.
One of the crewmembers added was FCC Steven Hill who was killed in Thailand in 1985, his Dad would like to talk to anyone who knew him, he can be reached at (904)935-0844.
6/20/99 -- Added 5 crewmembers, pictures of the Towers Captain's Gig now located in Freedom Park, Omaha, Nebraska, and a picture of the Towers in Drydock and other misc pictures.
6/24/99 -- Added 3 new crewmembers, a link to Save the USS IOWA, and some Amazon.com links to help with the cost of maintaining the website.
6/30/99 -- Added 3 new crewmembers and the Towers graphic to the top level page. (plus a bit of 'house-cleaning')
7/5/99 -- Added 3 more crewmembers and added 'frames' to the website.
7/13/99 -- Added 1 crew member and corrected a typo in the crewlist.  Also added a photo of the Towers when it was launched by TODD Seattle in 1959. Also added several photo links in the Towers History page.
7/18/99 -- Added 2 crewmembers and updated an email address for another. Added 1 Deck Log entry.
7/25/99 -- Added one new crewmember and added photos in Pictures 2 / Gallery 1If you know anyone's name in the 'mystery-man' photos, please let me know.
8/4/99 -- Added a new sea story about a midnight painting detail to another ship, a msg from the last CO of the Towers (Captain Wylie), and an In Memorial Page has been added in memory of FN Pino who died as the result of an accident on the Towers in 1983.
8/9/99 -- Added 10 crewmembers to the Crew List.
8/13/99 -- Update to the 1999 Reunion Imformation, added a Deck Log entry from William (Bill) Towers LCDR USNR (Ret) , added 10 additional crewmembers.
8/22/99 -- Added 18 crewmembers, a new seastory from Ralph Petty, and a decklog entry from Captain Barry Burrow (USN Ret.), Commanding Officer of the Towers (85-87)
8/28/99 -- Added a numerous scanned pages from the 1972 Towers Cruise Book.., added 8 crewmembers and a few addresses to the crewlist.
9/6/99 -- Added 2 crewmembers to the crew list and updated 3 email addressses, removed 1 USNR from a crewlist entry, added Bill Barry's personal account to the sea story What Torpedo, and added a short summary of this years 1999 Reunion (photos to follow at a later update as they become available).
9/7/99 -- Added 6 pictures from the 1999 Reunion in Pictures2/Gallery2.  A special thanks to Linda for sending them in for the website!
9/26/99 -- A collection of photos sent in by David J. Staehlin (RM2 8/79 - 12/82) are now available in Pictures2/Gallery 3. Five sea stories were added (thanks Don Watts!) and several new crewmembers have been added to the crewlist, and names have been added to the 1999 Reunion photos available in Pictures2/Gallery2.
10/10/99 --
You may have noticed that there is now a new entry page to the website, that's because the website has actually moved to a larger server, and the entry page is a way to transfer you to the new (larger / faster) location without changing the way you locate the site.Added several new crewmembers, corrected 2 email address and added a sea story by Frank Voras entitled Vietnam 1965.
11/7/99 --
Several new shipmates added, a few mods to email addresses as well.  Added Pictures2/Gallery 4 that contains some pictures taken by Rick Davis, and an article written by Robin Clark to commerate the decommissioning of HMAS Perth (an Adams Class DDG built for Australia) entitled "Farewell to Steam".
12/5/99 --
added 4 new crewmembers to the crewlist, 2 additional pictures to Pictures2/Gallery 4, made some updates to contact info on the crewlist, and updated the link to the USS Adams (DDG-2) site on the Links page.
12/19/99 -- Added an additional 4 crewmembers, several mods to existing email addresses, added Pictures2/Gallery 5 that contains some pictures of what the Towers looks like in 1999.
1/16/00 -- Lots of email address updates, an add to the decklog page, UPDATES for the 2000 Reunion, great picture added to Gallery 6, new seastory added.  Several new crewmembers added to the crewlist.
1/30/00 -- A few more email address updates, a couple of new crewmembers added, a new Sea Story by Ralph Petty entitled "Blue Rubber Bullet", and a picture of the 1965 OI Division sent in by Rick Davis was added to Pictures2/Gallery6.
2/20/00 -- Additional email address updates and a few new crewmembers added.
3/12/00 -- Updated 2 email address and added 3 additional crewmembers.
3/26/00 -- Several new crewmembers added, email and other corrections. Also added an update to the 2000 reunion plans
4/10/00 --
Added several new crewmembers, updated some email addresses and added the 26 page 1961 USS Towers Commissioning Book.
4/29/00 -- Added additional crewmembers, 4 new decklog entries, and 2 new photos (see Pictures2/Gallery6 ).  Also made numerous updates to email & home addresses in the crewlist.
5/16/00 -- Added new crewmembers, some maintenance on existing ones, created Pictures2/Gallery7 that contains some scans provided by Jerry Minas of the original Towers Shellback agenda, etc.. Added one new link to the Links page.
6/24/00 --
Due to business travel I was a bit late in doing this update, consequently there were quite a few adds. A significant number of crewmembers were added, several email addresses have also been updated.  An additional link was added ( DDG-23 Richard E. Byrd ). 3 decklog entries were added, and several current pictures were added of the Towers as she looks today (check out Pictures2/Gallery 8 )
6/29/00 -- Added Pictures2/Gallery 9 ; pictures of the USS Buchanan DDG-14's sinking during the 2000 SINKEX on 6/14/00
7/8/00 -- Several email changes, added 1 decklog entry, an additional picture of the USS Buchanan into Pictures2/ Gallery 9, and 1 additional link to the links page..
7/16/00 -- Numerous crew member adds and email updates, added Pictures2/Gallery 10 that contains some great photos contributed by Steve Bearden (74-79).
7/23/00 -- Added additional crewmembers to the crewlist, quite a few address and email address changes. One new seastory, and added the latest and greatest info about the upcoming 2000 reunion plans. One of the mystery men pictures has been identified in Pictures2/Gallery 1, and some crew members have also been identified in Pictures2/Gallery 10 New links were added to the cruise books on the top-level page (we now have online cruise books for 62 & 72, the 76 & 82 cruise books are "under construction" and I hope to be able to add them shortly.
7/30/00 -- Added the 1976-77 Cruise book (57 pages!) {THANKS to Dallas Olson!!), several email changes for crew members and added several, also added 1 Deck Log entry
8/13/00 -- Added several new crewmembers, updated email addresses, added new info about the upcoming reunion, added 1 decklog entry, added a new recipe for SOS (see SOS II), and updated the reference to the SPS-29E radar in Gallery 10..
8/24/00 -- Added the 1985-87 Cruise Book.  A special THANKS to Michael Fry for sending it in to be scanned!
9/16/00 -- Added several new crewmembers, updated some email addresses and added 1 decklog entry.
9/24/00 -- Added new crewmembers, corrected some addresses, added the latest information on the upcoming 2000 reunion, and added 1 decklog entry.
10/7/00 --  Quite a lengthy update: Moved some things off the top level page; the website awards to its own page, graphical links to the cruisebooks to the cruisebook page, graphics of John Towers to the John Towers page; all to hopefully make the top level page load faster.  Added 7 pictures from the 2000 reunion in pictures2/gallery11, added 5 new crewmembers to the crewlist, added a Towers Association Page that contains the minutes from the meeting held at the reunion, and added a 2001 reunion page.
10/14/00 -- Just a quick update to add the Ships StoreI plan to do a fairly major # of additional mods tomorrow. 
10/15/00 -- Added several new crewmembers and updated a number of email addresses. Added Pictures2/Gallery12 for the next set of pictures from the 2000 reunion, updated the names on Pictures2/Gallery11 (the first set of photos from the 2000 reunion), added Pictures2/Gallery13 with a great ASROC shot, added the list of attendees at the 2000 reunion to the 2000 Reunion Page.  Added a picture of a hat w/scrambled eggs to the Ships Store page, and added a photo of the USS Towers plaque to the top level page.  Also added photos of Plankowner and Shellback certificates to the Documents Page.
10/29/00 -- Added several new crewmembers, updated several email addresses. Also added small icons for the 62, 64 and 68-69 Cruise books on the Cruise Books Page (these cruise books are currently being scanned. Also added an additional name to one of the 2000 Reunion pictures in Gallery 12 of Pictures 2Also changed the link to the USS Goldsborough (DDG-20) to http://www.ussgoldsborough.com
11/27/00 --
Due to the time taken over the past few weeks to scan 3 additional cruise books (to be added to the website shortly), this is the first update in a while. This update includes quite a few adds and updates to the crew list.
12/2/00 -- Completed republishing the site to Interland hosting service, we now have 4 times the space at 1/2 the cost! Our domain name remains the same, so the URL for the site doesn't change.  I've also done a major change on how to navigate the site by eliminating the buttons and providing hyperlinks that remain visible on every page.  I think this helps, if you have comments please let me know.  The crew list has now also been distributed across 6 pages so as to improve performance.
12/8/00 -- Added / Updated several entries in the crewlist.  Also shortened the crewlist by eliminating 'empty' space after each sub-list.
12/22/2000 -- Added quite a few new crewmembers, updated several email addresses, and added 9 decklog entries.
1/13/2001 -- Added a number of new crewmembers, corrected email addresses, and made a correction to the CO's page. 37 additional pages of the 1962 CruiseBook were added in the following topics: Ports of Call, Work, Equator, Relax, Sports, End of Cruise, Credits & Candids.
1/31/2001 -- More crewmembers added, a sketch by Rick Lynn while onboard the Towers in 1971 can be seen in Pictures2/Gallery14. 4 issues of the Towers Gazette from 1979-80 have been added to the Towers documentation section (Thanks to Captain Meyers!), 3 new sea stories have also been added; Almost AGround!, On the deck! & This Bub is for U!.  Additional information has been added to the Missile Cover seastory. Added the 2001 Dues Form, and added a link to the USS Waddell Website.
4/8/2001 --
Added many more crewmembers, 1 add to the decklog, and added the latest 2001 Reunion Information .  Also added some names to some of the "Mystery Men" in Pictures2/Gallery1. I also did some fairly major mods to how the cruise books are accessed, this had to be done to accomodate the additional cruise books that are coming soon. (sorry for the delay in this update, been traveling with business the past few months alot.  Hopefully the updates will be made in the future at a greater frequency.  Thanks for your patience.)
4/10/2001 -- added one new crewmember, additional information on the 2001 Reunion and the USS Towers GuestBook.
4/15/2001 -- added one new crew member, one decklog entry. Added 1963 Cruise Book.
4/22/2001 -- Corrected all references for the 1963 Cruise Book to read 1963 instead of 1964.  Added additional information for the 2001 Reunion. Added the 2001 Reunion Registration Form.  Added 1 crew member and updated another.
5/28/2001 -- Added the comfirmation # to be used for reservations to the 2001 Reunion, updated the link for http://www.warships1.com , and added 20+ new crewmembers to the crewlist from the Guestbook, and updated several email, address and phone numbers.
6/4/2001 -- Added the 1968 Cruise Book, a total of 60 pages.
7/15/2001 -- Added or updated the crewlist for 30 crew entries. Added 1 entry into the decklog, and added links to the VFW and the AMVETS websites.
8/12/2001 -- updated and added quite a few crewmembers in the crewlist.
8/14/2001 -- Created Pictures2/Gallery15 to hold 18 pictures sent in by Robert (Bob) Jackson. Added a scan of a 60's patch sent in by FTM1 Larry Bell into Pictures2/Gallery16
9/17/2001 -- Added and/or modified 25-30 Crew List entries.
9/20/2001 -- Added the 1980 - 1983 Cruisebook (80 Pages!)
10/27/2001 -- Added the initial set of 2001 Reunion pictures.  More to come soon!
12/5/2001 -- Added information for the new association treasurer Larry Bell, the 2002 Association Dues form, and updated and added numerous crewmebers.
3/31/2002 -- After an absence of 3 months updates to the website have restarted. Thanks to all that have been so patient. It will take a while to get caught up. The story: My PC finally gave up the ghost, I had nursed it along for about a year, but this time I couldn't find a bandaid big enough. I also was ready to switch from a PC to an Apple IMac, and the company that made my web tools went bust as well. So, new machine, new operating system, new tools ... it has taken awhile to get to the point that I felt I could update without destroying 3 years of effort. This update was mostly a test to ensure that all went well, plus I added the latest info that I have on the 2002 Reunion Planning.
4/4/2002 -- Finally caught up with adding all of the Guestbook enteries into the website crewlists, over a 100 enteries were reviewed, crewmates added and email addresses updated. I now will go through my backlog of email to make additional changes to the crewlists as appropriate.
5/2/2002 -- 2002 Reunion information updated, registration form added.
6/5/2002 -- Quick update of the reunion information.
6/10/2002 -- Added / updated numerous crew entries.
8/6/2002 -- Updated and/or added approximately 60 crewmembers email addresses / names / addresses.
8/11/2002 -- Added photos from Randy Black to Pictures 3 [1] [2] [3] . Updated several email address and added a few new crewmembers.
8/22/2002 -- Added the following to the top level page: A FANTASTIC link to a SUPER site!! Do you want to take a virtual tour of HMAS Perth (an Adams Class DDG)? Click on this link and select START TOUR, then Destroyers, then PERTH. Just like being back on the Towers! http://www.navy.gov.au/vf/default.htm
9/15/2002 -- Added a number of pictures that Ray Wong provided of the Towers as she is today. <Pictures3/Page4> & <Pictures3/Page5>
10/10/2002 -- Quick update to the main page to let all know of the ex-Towers sinking during a 2002 SINKEX.
10/15/2002 -- Another quick update to add pictures of the Towers sinking SINKEX 2002.
11/9/2002 -- Updated the crewlist with all guestbook entries since August. Corrected some info on the Adams Class pg for the USS Berkeley. Added the first 8 of approximately 25 interior photos of the Towers taken just prior to the SINKEX: INTERIOR PHOTOS PRIOR TO THE SINKEX 1
11/10/2002 -- Added 9 additional photos of the interior of the Towers prior to the SINKEX: INTERIOR PHOTOS PRIOR TO THE SINKEX 2 . Also updated a number of email / addresses in the crewlist.
11/10/2002 -- Added the last 10 photos of the interior of the Towers prior to the SINKEX: INTERIOR PHOTOS PRIOR TO THE SINKEX 3
12/4/2002 -- Added a page that contains the latest details about the 2003 Reunion Plans.
12/5/2002 -- Added 4 pages of GREAT photos provided by Chris Parker. These photos have been placed in Pictures 3, pages [6] [7] [8] [9] .
12/16/2002 -- Added (at least started) a new Towers Memorial Page, added several shipmates that are no longer with us. This page is under construction and will require continued work.
01/13/2003 -- ANOTHER YEAR! (year 4!) Added / modified 17 crewmembers.
02/04/2003 -- Added and/or updated 50+ crewmembers, addresses / email addresses
02/13/2003 -- Added photo of GMCS Gus Uhler to his epitapth page.
03/16/2003 -- Added 14 photos of scanned slides provided by Tom Hill. Photos taken in 1968. Added a Request for Volunteers to help transcribe the Towers Ship Histories acquired from the Naval Historical Center.
04/16/2003 -- 18 photos added that were provided by Al Olson (including 2 really GREAT photos of a missile shoot), plus a photo of a Towers UNREP Flag. These photos can be found in Pictures 3 Page 11, and in Pictures 3 Page 12. Thanks Al!
05/05/2003 -- Added new volunteers for transcribing Towers Histories, updated the 2003 reunion info.
07/07/2003 -- Added / Modified approximately 100 crew member entries from email and questbook, also added one new seastory and a deck log entry.
09/03/2003 -- Updated volunteer list / status for transcribing ships histories, shipped out several more to volunteers.
10/21/2003 -- Added pictures taken by Brue Macinnes at the 2003 Reunion into <Pictures3/Page13>
11/11/2003 -- Started publishing photos from the 2002 Reunion.
12/8/2003 -- Announcement of the passing of Captain Penny.
3/28/2004 -- Update of the Association Dues Form for 2004
4/23/2004 -- Added link to 2004 Reunion information
5/4/2004 -- Added / updated 40 crewmember entries from the Towers Guestbook (now up to date as of today)
5/24/2004 -- Corrected 2 dates on the Towers History page, and added 4 Towers Histories from the Naval Archives for the years 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 & 1972.
8/2/2004 -- Updated Reunion Information
4/14/2005 -- 2005 Reunion Information added
----------DETAILS NOT CAPTURED 2005 - 2007---------
11/28/2008 -- Reunion photos added (still missing 1999 & 2005)


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