Towers Association

Below are the meeting minutes from the USS Towers Association Meeting held during the 2000 Reunion. These minutes include a list of the new officers for the association, a list of those on the 2001 reunion planning committee, a decission on dues, a newletter, and a list of action items.



Towers Association Meeting Minutes

9/28/00 8:19:52 AM

31 in attendance

Keep it Simple!!


What about a reunion next year?


      Seattle (costly, average hotel cost could be $150 in Seattle itself).  Sept was discussed as a possible date).  Possible submarine base tour (bangor) (shift the colors on the ferry?) Silverdale / Tacomma as a better possibility for easier travel to tour sites. 40th anniversary of the Towers commissioning .  SEATTLE:  Motion made and carried by the majority


      Late September suggested.  4th week of September 2001. Motion made and carried by the majority.  (try to overlap a weekend)

    Steering Committee for the 2001:

      Steering Comittee: Ron Floyd , Bud Davis, Gary McQuire, Jerry Douthit, Jim Numan , Ron Lowe, Luther Davis, Bud Davis (Chairman).

      Hopeful: Dallam Bailey

    Payment for the 2001 reunion?

      How do we keep from "holding the bag" on room reservations, tours, etc..

      Need to ask folk to pay in advance.  TBD by the 2001 Steering Committee

Yearly Dues?

    How to do?

      Different levels of membership?  Perhaps sometime in the future

      $10 yearly dues Motion made and carried by the majority.  No money collected until account is set up. Jack Metcalf has the money from last year, which can be used to set up the account.

2001 Officers?

    PresidentRay Wong   Motion made and carried by the majority.

    XORick JungeMotion made and carried by the majority

    SecretaryDennis Brantly   Motion made and carried by the majority

    Chief Master of Arms : Roger Ball   Motion made and carried by the majority

    Treasurer   Calvin Beech   Motion made and carried by the majority

    Chaplain Bud Davis   Motion made and carried by the majority

    Newsletter Editors:

      Dennis Brantly, Luther Davis, Quarterly publication. Luther to print, fold, mail. Dennis to supply original.  Send out email to those that have a computer, hardcopy to others.

Action Items:





Register with the VA -  all veterans are eligible


Check with a contact that just held a reunion in the Silverdale area.

Jerry Douthit

Discussion group for the Website, ability to leave messages on the website.

Dennis Brantly

Get back to me with name of chairman

2001 Steering Committee

Contact treasurer from last year

 Bob Brandon

Open up a checking account

Calvin Beech

Work the bylaws for the association

Ray Wong

Generate a Quarterly Newsletter

Dennis Brantly

Generate mailing labels

Dennis Brantly

Print , fold, attach mailing labels, mail

Luther Davis

Rick Davis is willing to put together a trip to the Towers prior to her possible sinking.  Party boat to view the Towers.

Rick Davis

Decklogs, check out the archives

Rick Davis

Put my address on the website

Dennis                       COMPLETED

Send Pictures


Submit dues form to me for inclusion in the newsletter

Calvin Beech

Ships Store on the website



Buck Davis





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