Sea Stories

Entering Guam in 1971

I know there are a lot of sea stories out there about the Towers.  Send them to me and I'll be glad to place them on this

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Sea Story


Cherry Cobbler

Off the coast of the DMZ in 1972

D. Brantly


A story of Operation Linebacker in 1972

D. Brantly

What Torpedo?

Watch out for those 'dummy' torpedos!

D. Brantly

Burnt Fin

A practical joke not to be forgotten....

D. Brantly

Off the Fantail

A plunge off the fantail, 1963 WesPac..

Frank Voras

Typhoon in 63

Out-running a typhoon in 1963

Frank Voras

Crazy Jet Jockeys!

Those 'Airdales' will drive ya nuts!

Frank Voras

What a Man!

It warms the body and the attitude!

Frank Voras

Friendly Fire

We're no target sled!!

Frank Voras

Split Hull!

40' waves and a split in the hull!

Frank Voras

Seen a Missile??

The 'birds' that got away....

Frank Voras

Practical Joker

St Bernard... the practical Joker of R Division

Ray Wong

Torpedo Attack!

When a practice torpedo goes "Bad"....

Chris Winter

Coffee Anyone?

Pre-commissioning; cream, sugar, SALT??

Howard Boyd

Splish - Splash!!

Thanks for the hand, gulp / gasp.....Captain!

Chris Winter

Sword Astray!

A sword done "Smartly"

Frank Voras

Want jam with that?

Missile Radars make good toast.

Frank Voras

Missile Cover

Live action off the coast of North Vietnam

Dennis Brantly & Bob Chadwell

Midnight Raid

Midnight painting detail to another ship....

Frank Raleigh

Surf's UP

Dark night, full speed, darkened ship......

Ralph Petty

Boat Rescue

Boat People Rescue

Don Watts

Good Eyes

USS Midway --- Man-Overboard!

Don Watts

KAL 007

Salvage Operations

Don Watts

Boat Capsize

Liberty boat capsize!

Don Watts

Merchant Rescue

The TOWERS picked up about 30 Korean merchantman that night, all onboard were saved.

Don Watts

Vietnam 1965

First Vietnam Tour of the USS Towers in 1965

Frank Voras

Gun Range

Adventures on the Santa Barbara Missile and Gun Range in 1973

Ralph Petty

Blue Rubber Bullet

Experimental ammo can be a bit hard to keep track of.....

Ralph Petty

Carrier Gun-Shy

Once you know a carrier is a 'killer', it's easy to be a bit gun-shy around her.

Bob Hopper

Almost Aground!

When the Towers almost made an unplanned 'port call' into hostile territory.

Bob Chadwell

On the Deck!!

Under fire off the coast of North Vietnam.

Bob Chadwell

This Bud is for U

Great catch!

Ted Krueger

Feeling Useless All you can do is your best Lynn Dreeszen




 Link Art Murphy

see Art Murphy's homepage for additional sea-stories

Ray Wong

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