Pictures 2

Pictures 2 is a bit different from Pictures 1 in that it (Pictures 2) is divided into a number of 'Galleries'.  Occassionaly new Galleries will be added, and when they are it will be noted in the 'Whats New' page.  In theory, this will allow you to find any newly uploaded pictures more easily.  Today, 7/25/99, we start off with Gallery 1, enjoy!

Gallery 1 has photos of a number of crewmembers from the 1970 - 73 time period, some identified some not.  There is also a photo of a Mount 51 'cookoff' off the coast of Vietnam, of the USS Towers at Midway Island, of the USS Cochran (DDG-21), the USS Wilson (DDG-7) and a Hospital ship off the coast of Vietnam.  All of these photos were taken in the 71-73 time frame

Gallery 2 included 6 pictures taken at the 1999 Reunion.  I plan shortly to add the names of the folk below the pictures.

Gallery 3 is a collection of photos sent in by David J. Staehlin RM2, 8/79 - 12/82.  These photos include the Towers in drydock in Yokosuka, Japan, and various other shots of the ship and crewmembers.  Thanks Dave!

Gallery 4 has some great shots taken during a 1965 SAR mission in the Gulf of Tonkin by Rick Davis (RD3 64-67)  Thanks Rick!

Gallery 5 has some pictures sent in by LeRoy Marsh of the Military Heritage Foundation, Eureka CA.  These pictures include 2 taken at Mare Island 6-21-99 of the Towers, and one of the Wilson DDG-7 and McCormick DDG-8 with most of the aluminum superstructures removed  Thanks LeRoy!

Gallery 6 has a great picture of the Towers supplied by Thomas Schmidt ETC (DDG-9 1977 - 1980).  Thanks Tom!!  Rick Davis has also provided a great picture of the OI Division in 1965.  Thanks Rick!!  2 additional photos were added on 4-29-00, one from Jerry Minas (a scan from the 1981 Navy Times) and the other from Bill Kalebaugh (a photo from the 1962 book "Destroyers 60 Years", page 159), THANKS Jerry and Bill!

Gallery 7 owes another great thanks to Jerry Minas who provided scans of the Towers 2nd line-crossing 'Shellback' documentation.  This gallery contains the agenda, definition of roles, attire for shellbacks, etc..  Enjoy!

Gallery 8 These photos were supplied by Dennis O'Brien of the USS England CG-22.  In his words on 5-22-2000: "Yesterday I was able to visit MARAD, Reserve Fleet, Suisun Bay near Benicia, CA. I was able to board USS England and other CGs that are together in row E. We also went to see USS Sterett which is tied up in row K with USS John Paul Jones to her starboard and USS Towers to port. I boarded them both though I did not go into the interior of the DDGs. I took a number of cameras with me. Attached is a zip file containing a few shots from my digital of your ship a she is today. She was a great ship, born the same year as I, and it is sad to see her in such condition. USS England is not much younger and not in much better shape. A shame to be sure . . these grand ships still had life in them if you ask me!"  THANKS DENNIS!!

Gallery 9 I hesitated to publish these pictures, it hit a nerve to think of an Adams Class DDG being involved in a SINKEX, but as the 4 pictures show, the USS Buchanan DDG-14 was a fighter to the end, and she deserves this last salute.  USS Towers and USS Buchanan were the only 2 double-arm missile launcher DDGs built at Todd Shipbuilding in Seattle, and 2 of only 4 total Adams Class DDGs built by Todd.  The Buchanan, like the Towers we all well know, was one tough Todd-built lady!  May she rest in peace after 3 decades of hard work, rough seas, and a loving crew.

Gallery 10  A GREAT collection of 9 photos contributed by Steve Bearden (74-78), many of which were taken from high on the forward mast while underway in 75.

Gallery 11 contains the initial photos from the 2000 Towers Reunion held in Reno, Nevada, from September 26-29, 2000.  Thanks to all that have contributed photos!

Gallery 12 contains additional photos from the 2000 Reunion.

Gallery 13 is started out with a great photo of an ASROC shoot contributed by Mike Rafferty (69-75).

Gallery 14 contains a great hand sketch created by Rick Lynn while he was onboard the Towers in 1971.

Gallery 15 contains a number of photos from the 1963 Cruise that were recently sent in by Robert (Bob) Jackson.  Thanks Bob!

Gallery 16 contains a patch from the 60's from FTM1 Larry Bell.


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