Here's links that to some helpful / interesting Navy-related sites: 8/22/2002 -- A FANTASTIC link to a SUPER site!! Do you want to take a virtual tour of HMAS Perth (an Adams Class DDG)? Click on this link and select START TOUR, then Destroyers, then PERTH. Just like being back on the Towers!

Link to the VFW website

Link to the AMVETS website

link to the Charles F Adams Class site html

Art Murphy's USS Towers site o6.htm

Destroyer Photos site

Tin Can Sailors rs/8048/disposition.html

Describes the transition of some of the DDGs to Power Baeges

The greyhound navy destroyerman's list

The surface navy association homepage

U.S. Navy History site

United States Naval & Shipbuiling Museum Online ( a great site to reference any ship!)

Warships Of The World site tml

A great link to a lot of other ship's websites. AFS-4.HTML

The home page of the USS White Plains; describes the "chill down the back" on hearing the Towers break-away song.

The USS Turner Joy DD-951 homepage

Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum; dedicated to bringing  the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) to Bay City, Michigan as a museum

Jake's 'Yankee Station' - USS Hancock Memorial

USS Goldsborough DDG-20 website. dex.html

A website for USS Benjamin Stoddert DDG-22.

Learn how to help move the USS Iowa to the west coast. 9.htm

Great site with lots of info on the Towers.

Fantastic link to the Richard E. Byrd (DDG-23) site.  Also contains other links to additional DDG sites.

Site for the USS England CG-22.

Link to the USS Conyngham DDG-17 site. tm

Link to the USS Joseph Strauss DDG-16 site.

Link to the USS Waddell website.



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