Found this picture in a Todd Shipbuilding 1982 calendar.  The caption in the back of the calendar reads:

"23 April 1959 was a big day for TODD Seattle.  Not only was it the launching day for the USS Towers (DDG-9), but it was also the date which saw TODD Seattle firmly established in post WWII  Navy construction.

The larger view in the photo shows Towers on the shipways just prior to her launching, as the Navy Chaplain offers the invocation.  The inset view shows the Towers on trials off Port Angeles.

Towers and her TODD built sisters;  USS Buchanan (DDG-14), USS Richard E. Byrd (DDG-23) and USS Waddel (DDG-24), are 437' long, have a beam of 47' and a loaded displacement of 4500 tons.  They are armed with (2) 5"/54 guns, missile launchers and (6) 12.75" torpedo tubes.  Their (4) Foster Wheeler boilers and (2) Westinghouse turbines develop 70,000 shp and a designed maximum speed of 32 knots."


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