Gallery 9

USS Buchanan DDG-14, and the USS Towers DDG-9, were two of the 4 Adams Class DDGs to have been built at Todd Shipbuilding in Seattle.  As these pictures demonstrate, Todd Shipbuilding delivered ships that were tough and who fought to stay afloat to the very end.  The Buchanan was a proud ship, may she rest in peace beneath the surface that she guarded for so long.  The crew of the Towers salute you, "Fair Winds and Following Seas".

June 13-14, 2000 -- Missile firing and torpedo firing exercises to sink ex-USS Buchanan started June 13. Three Hellfire hits, three harpoon hits and a 2,400 pound laser-guided bomb hit were not enough to sink the ship during a RIMPAC 2000 training exercise. Explosives Ordinance Division experts set an additional 200 pounds of explosive charges the morning of June 14 before sinking during a RIMPAC 2000 exercise. (4) Pictures follow:

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