Cruise Bks

The following Cruise Books are available online or are currently being scanned, click on the appropriate image below:

100% Available

100% Available

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100% Available

100% Available

100% Available

This page is the entry into selected pages of USS Towers cruise books.

Pages will be available as space allows, currently there is the first Towers WesPac in 1962 and the WestPac of 1963, 1972 and 1976, and the 1985-87 cruise book. The 68 & 82 are in progress.

A special thanks to:

Howard Boyd made his copy of the 1962 cruise book available for scanning so that we might all enjoy it.  THANKS Howard!!

James Stringfellow who loaned me his copy of the 1962 Cruise book so that we could (now that we have sufficient space) add the remaining pages to the website.  Thanks James!

Richard Poole loaned me his 1963 Cruise book for scanning.  Thanks Richard!

Walter Herstol loaned me his 1968-69 Cruise book for scanning. Thanks Walter!

Ralph Petty made his copy of the 1972 cruise book available as well.  THANKS Ralph!

Dallas Olson sent us his copy of the 1976 so it could be scanned.  THANKS Dallas!

Captain Meyers - A special thanks for the loan of his 1982 Cruise Book!

Michael Fry loaned his 1985-87 book so that it could be scanned.  As far as I know this is the Towers last cruise book, and includes pictures of the Towers 25th Anniversary, a page on John Towers and tons of great pictures!  THANKS Michael!

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