DDG9 : BGM:cjs
Ser 01/C7
1 Mar 1973

(Unclassified upon removal of enclosure (1))

From: Commanding Officer, USS TOWERS (DDG-9)
To: Director of Naval History (OP-09B9), Washington Navy Yard,
Washington, D.C. 20390

Subj: Command history, Report Symbol 5750-1; submission of

Ref: (a) OPNAVINST 5750.12A

Encl: (1) USS TOWERS (DDG-9) Command History

  1. USS TOWERS Family grams for 1972
  2. Photographs and biographies of USS TOWERS (DDG-9)
Commanding Officers in 1972

1. Pursuant to reference (a), the USS TOWERS (DDG-9) History
for calendar year 1972 and the supporting documents are hereby
submitted as enclosures (1), (2), and (3).


Copy to


Reg 337


1. (U) Chronology of events:

1 JAN – 23 JAN Inport[sic] upkeep San Diego (DATC School Ship).

24 JAN – 28 JAN Underway; ASW School Ship. Gun EX.

28 JAN – 14 FEB Inport[sic] upkeep and training.

14 FEB – 18 FEB Underway; COMPTUEX: emph on AAW & ASW training missile shoot

18 FEB – 13 MAR Inport[sic].

13 MAR – 17 MAR Underway: Type train.

18 MAR – 19 MAR Inport[sic] San Francisco.

20 MAR – 26 MAR Underway: Plane guard MIDWAY. ASW & AAW training.

27 MAR – 17 APR Inport[sic] San Diego.

18 APR – 27 APR Underway: COMPTUEX 10A-72.

28 APR – 7 MAY Inport[sic] San Diego.

8 MAY – 12 MAY Underway: Type training.

13 MAY – 20 JUN Inport[sic] San Diego, preparation for WESTPAC deployment.

20 JUN – 6 JUL Transit to WESTPAC. Performed duties as CTU 15.8.6


7 JUL – 12 JUL Transit to Subic Bay R. P. Performed duties as CTU 70.0.2

8 JUL – 9 JUL Assigned to SAR effort in vicinity of Guam for downed B-52 aircrew.

13 JUL – 14 JUL Inport[sic] Subic Bay, R. P.

15 JUL – 16 JUL Transit to TU 70.8.9 while acting as mutual support ship for USS MIDWAY.

17 JUL – 28 JUL NGFS operations in vicinity of Quang Tri, RVN during LAMSON-72.

29 JUL – 5 AUG With COMDESRON-31 embarked and in company with USS H.B. WILSON
and USS F.B. PARKS reinstated task unit 77.1.2 (Linebacker) after a month’s

6 AUG – 8 AUG Transit to Sasebo, Japan.

9 AUG – 16 AUG Inport[sic] Sasebo, Japan.

17 AUG – 21 AUG Transit to TU 70.8.9

22 AUG – 23 AUG NGFS operations in vicinity of Quang Tri City, RVN during LAMSON-72.

24 AUG – 11 SEP NGFS operations in support of the 1st ARVN Div. in vicinity of Hue, RVN.

12 SEP – 23 SEP NGFS operations in vicinity of Quang Tri City, RVN during LAMSON-72.

24 SEP – 25 SEP Special operations in the Gulf of Tonkin as part of TU 77.1.2.

26 SEP – 20 SEP NGFS operations in support of the 1st ARVN Div. in vicinity of Hue, RVN.

1 OCT – 2 OCT Transit to Hong Kong, RCC.

3 OCT – 9 OCT Inport[sic] Hong Kong, RCC. (05-09 OCT performed duties as SOPA Admin Hong Kong).

10 OCT Transit to Subic Bay, R. P.

11 OCT Inport[sic] Subic Bay, R. P.

12 OCT NGFS Services at Tabonnes Range for Third MARDIV NGFS School

13 OCT – 19 OCT Inport[sic] Subic Bay, R. P.

19 OCT – 20 OCT Transit to TG 75.9.

21 OCT – 16 NOV NGFS operations in vicinity of Qui Nhon, RVN
in support of the 22nd ARVN Division.


17 NOV NGFS operations in vicinity of Quang Tri City, ARVN in support of
Song Than 9.

18 NOV – 19 NOV Type training Subic Bay, R. P.

21 NOV Transit to Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

22 NOV – 20[sic]NOV Import[sic] Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

1 DEC – 2 DEC Transit Gunline.

3 DEC – 8 DEC NGFS operations in vicinity of Quang Tri City, ARVN.

9 DEC – 12 DEC NGFS Northern MRI.

12 DEC – 13 DEC Linebacker ops TU 77.1.1.


19 DEC Linebacker ops.



2. (C) Basic Narrative

a. Command Organization and Relations

(1) Commanding Officer: CDR M.B. BRISBOIS, USN from 27 August 1971 through 1972

(2) Homeport: San Diego, California

(3) Mission of Command: to operate offensively with
strike forces, with hunter/killer groups, in support of
amphibious assault operations and screen support forces and
convoys against submarine, air, and surface threats.

(4) Composition of Command: Officers - 22
Enlisted - 314

b. Operations

  1. The first portion of 1972 proved relatively uneventful for
USS TOWERS, with an underway time of approximately 11%. In February


and April, operations increased significantly when TOWERS participated
in two COMPTUEXs. During these Fleet exercises, TOWERS tested her weapons
systems and capabilities, with an emphasis on AAW and ASW. In the month
of March, TOWERS underwent type training and also provided escort services
to the USS MIDWAY. The crew enjoyed a weekend in San Francisco.

(2) With the massive North Vietnamese offensive into Quang Tri
Province in MR1, the ships of the Pacific Fleet assumed a new and ex-
panded role in the Vietnam Conflict. TOWERS, scheduled to deploy in
late September 1972, was given two weeks notice to deploy and went
into a hectic preparatory period in late May and early June of 1972.
The deployment began on 20 June when TOWERS got underway for WESTPAC.
During the transit, TOWERS assisted in the rescue of 6 downed B-52
pilots in a typhoon near Guam. The Secretary of the Navy commended the
ship for its efforts in the SAR mission.

(3) The ship spent a curtailed two day upkeep period in Subic
Bay, R. P. from 13 July and immediately got underway for the gunline.
Heavy commitments and long hours of firing in support of RVN forces in
Quang Tri Province followed from 17 July to 28 July as TOWERS partici-
pated in LAMSON-72. From 29 July to 05 August, with COMDESRON-31 em-
barked, in company with the USS H.B. WILSON and USS F.B. PARKS, TOWERS
conducted Linebacker strikes against the coast of North Vietnam as
TU 77.1.2. TOWERS qualified for the Combat Action ribbon after being
subjected to hostile enemy shore fire on numerous occasions.

(4) 09 August through 16 August saw TOWERS in Sasebo, Japan for
general upkeep and for the regunning of her twin 5”/54 gunmounts, whose
barrels were expended in intensive NGFS operations. During the period
of 22 August to 23 September, TOWERS provided Naval Gunfire for LAMSON-
72 and for 1st ARVN Division in the vicinity of HUE, RVN. On the nights
of 24 and 25 September, TOWERS fired night Linebacker strikes as a unit
of TU 77.1.2. From 26 September to 30 September TOWERS returned to MRII
and provided support for the 1st ARVN Division.

(5) After a 49 day line period TOWERS steamed to HONG KONG for
R & R and many of the crew were able to meet their wives during the stay
of seven days. TOWERS then spent an eight day upkeep period in Subic
Bay during which she fired 300 rounds at Tabonnes NGFS range for the
third MARDIV NGFS school.

(6) From 21 October to 16 November TOWERS provided NGFS for the
22nd ARVN Division near Qui Nhon and for ARVN forces around Quang Tri
City in Sang Than 9. This line period was followed by 2 days upkeep in
Subic Bay and 9 days inport[sic] Kaohsuing, Taiwan. Despite recurrent
rumors of a pending peace agreement, TOWERS returned to Vietnam to fulfill her
commitments firing NGFS from 03 October to 08 December in Northern MRI.


Exceptionally heavy commitments shaped TOWERS schedules of all night
fire missions and all day replenishments. The ship fired over 4000
rounds in the month of December alone.

(7) December also brought more Linebacker strikes, with TOWERS
as CTU 77.1.2 with COMDESRON-21 embarked. Strikes on the 12th and 13th
of December and again on the 19th, saw TOWERS receive hundreds of enemy
rounds, requalifying her for the Combat Action Ribbon. TOWERS continued
to fire NGFS until 28 December. From 28 December to 30 December, TOWERS
provided plane guard services for USS CONSTELLATION (CVA-63).

(8) After a grueling seven month combat deployment, TOWERS
outchopped through Yokosuka and returned to San Diego via Midway Island
and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. TOWERS arrived in San Diego 20 January 1973.
During the deployment TOWERS fired 12,500 rounds and spent 80% of the
deployment underway, replenishing, rearming, and refueling at sea count-
less times. In more than 220 fire missions, spotted and unspotted, TOWERS
inflicted heavy damage upon the enemy including 30 confirmed KIA’s and
numerous artillery and motor positions destroyed. In two TARTAR exercises,
TOWERS missile system performed admirably, with two skin to skin hits
under simulated attack conditions. TOWERS continued her tradition of
dependability and versatility as a guided missile destroyer of the
Pacific Fleet.

c. Special Topics

(1) Operational Statistics

(a) Underway Replenishments

March -2 Refuelings

April -1 Refueling

June -1 Refueling

-4 Rearmings
-4 Refuelings
-1 Stores

August -1 VERTREP
-5 Rearmings
-5 Refuelings
-1 Stores