DDG9 : WHL:sch
Ser 01/04
8 Mar 1972

(Unclassified upon removal of enclosure (1))

From: Commanding Officer, USS TOWERS (DDG-9)
To: Director of Naval History (OP-09B9), Washington Navy Yard,
Washington, D.C. 20390

Subj: Command history, Report Symbol 5750-1, submission of

Ref: (a) OPNAVINST 5750.12A

Encl: (1) USS TOWERS (DDG-9) Command History ( C )

  1. USS TOWERS (DDG-9) Family grams for 1971
  2. Photographs and biographies of USS TOWERS (DDG-9)
Commanding Officers in 1971

1. Pursuant to reference (a), the USS TOWERS (DDG-9) History
for calendar year 1971 and the supporting documents are hereby
submitted as enclosures (1), (2), and (3).


Copy to


upon removal of enclosure (1))

Reg 319


1. (U) Chronology of events:

    1. January
    Complete P.O.M.

    7 January
    Underway for WESTPAC (TU 15.8.3)

    13-14 January
    In Port Pearl Harbor

    18 January
    Refuel at Midway Island

    20 January
    Fire aboard USS ROARK: took her in tow

    22 January
    Transfer[r]ed USS ROARK to USS QUAPAW

    28 January
    Inchop TU 70.0.4

    30 January
    In Port Guam

    3-4 February
    Upkeep Subic (TG 70.8)

    5 February
    TYT in Phil Op Area

    6-7 February
    Underway for RVN

    8-9 February
    NGFS III MR (TU 70.8.9)

    10-21 February

    22 February
    Enroute Yankee Station (TG 70.8)

    23 February – 17 March
    Escort USS RANGER

    1. Chronology of events continued:

    6 March
    Picked up man overboard from USS RANGER

    18-28 March
    Upkeep Subic

    29 March
    Enroute RVN (TG 70.8)

    31 March
    NGFS III MR (TU 70.8.9)

    1 April
    Enroute I MR

    2-11 April

    12 April
    Enroute Subic (TG 70.8)

    13-19 April
    In Port Subic

    20 April
    Enroute NSAR

    21-28 April
    NSAR (TU 77.0.1)

    28-30 April
    Beacoiv[sic] Tower Eight

    1-18 May
    NSAR (TU 77.0.1)

    19-20 May
    Enroute Subic (TG 70.8)

    21-28 May
    In Port Subic (TG 77.6 (24-28 May))

    28-29 May
    Enroute Yankee Station (TG 70.8)

    30-31 May
    Escort USS KITTYHAWK (TG 77.5)


    (U) Chronology of events continued:

    1-2 June
    Enroute Hong Kong (TG 70.8)

    2-10 June
    In Port Hong Kong

    10-14 June
    Enroute Bangkok

    14-19 June
    In Port Bangkok

    19-21 June
    Enroute Singapore

    21-25 June
    In Port Singapore

    25-27 June
    Enroute Yankee Station

    27-29 June
    Enroute Subic

    29-30 June
    In Port Subic

    1 July
    Underway for San Diego

    5 July
    Inchop FIRSTFLT (CTU 17.7.2)

    15 July
    Arrive San Diego (CTU 15.3.4)

    15 July – 15 August
    Leave and Upkeep San Diego

    16 August – 6 September
    Upkeep San Diego

    24-26 August
    Insurv San Diego (TU 15.3.4)

    27 August
    Change of Command. CDR M.B. BRISBOIS relieved


    (U) Chronology of events continued:

    7-10 September
    Ops in SOCAL

    11-12 September
    Inport[sic] San Diego

    13-15 September
    Ops in SOCAL

    16 September
    Inport[sic] San Diego

    17 September
    Ops in SOCAL

    18-19 September
    Inport[sic] San Diego

    20-22 September
    Ops in SOCAL

    23 September – 11 October (1 Oct (TU 52.3.4))
    Upkeep San Diego

    12-14 October

    15 October – 5 November
    Engineering School Ship Eastpac

    8-14 November
    Upkeep San Diego; NTPI 8 – 11 November

    15-18 November

    19-28 November
    Upkeep San Diego

    28 November – 3 December

    3-31 December
    Inport San Diego; Holidays and Upkeep (TU 15.3.4)


    2. (C) Basic Narrative

    a. Command Organization and Relations

    (1) Commanding Officer: CDR W.A. WALSH, USN to
    27 August; CDR M.B. BRISBOIS, USN from 27 August through 1971

    (2) Homeport: San Diego, California

    (3) Mission of Command: to operate offensively with
    strike forces, with hunter/killer groups, in support of
    amphibious assault operations and screen support forces and
    convoys against submarine, air, and surface threats.

    (4) Composition of Command: Officers - 19
    Enlisted - 314

    b. Operations

    The year of 1971 saw the TOWERS waste no time in getting
    back into the action after a relatively quiet 1970. On 7 January,
    she deployed to WESTPAC for the first time since early 1970.

    The transit was enlivened on 20 January when a major
    engineroom[sic] fire broke out on board the USS ROARK which was in
    company with TOWERS. The TOWERS quickly lent a hand and after
    the fire was extinguished took the ROARK in tow. After the
    ROARK was tranferred[sic] to the USS QUAPAW, TOWERS proceeded on to
    join the SEVENTHFLT.

    From 8 February to 21 February, TOWERS was involved in
    gunfire support off the coast of the Republic of Vietnam.
    from there, she proceeded on to “Yankee Station” to escort and
    plane guard the USS RANGER. On 6 March, TOWERS once again
    was called on to rescue a friend. A young seaman was blown
    off the flight deck of the RANGER during flight operations.
    He was picked up by TOWERS and returned to the RANGER.

    From “Yankee Station”, TOWERS sailed to Subic Bay for a
    short import[sic] period. She was soon back on the “gun line”, but
    stayed only a few days before going to North SAR. She was
    back in Subic Bay on 21 May for another short stay. Then once
    again back to “Yankee Station” to escort and plane guard for

    The month of June saw the TOWERS visit such ports as Hong
    Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. On 1 July, TOWERS set sail for
    San Diego and a well deserved rest. She arrived on 15 July
    and spent the next month standing down.