Ser: 014
23 Feb 1971

CONFIDENTIAL (Unclassified upon removal of enclosure (1))

From: Commanding Officer, USS TOWERS (DDG-9)
To: Director of Naval History (Op-09B9), Washington
Navy Yard , Washington, D.C. 20390

Subj: Command History, Report Symbol 5750-1; submission of

Ref: (a) OPNAV INST 5750.12A

Encl: (1) USS TOWERS (DDG-9) Command History

  1. USS TOWERS (DDG-9) family grams for 1970
  2. Photographs and biographies of USS TOWERS (DDG-9)
Commanding Officers in 1970
  1. Pursuant to reference (a), the USS Towers (DDG-9)
History for calendar year 1970 and supporting documents
are hereby submitted as enclosure (1), (2), and (3).

/s/ W. A. Walsh

Copy to:
OP09BH 3/18/77
Group 4
DECLASSIFIED AFTER 12 YEARS (Unclassified upon removal
Req 282x removal of enclosure (1))



  1. (U) Chronology of events:

1-27 January
Tender availability in San Diego
28 January
Enroute San Diego to Seal Beach
29 January
Off load ammunitions and missiles at Seal Beach
30 January
Arrive Long Beach

2 February
Commence restricted availability at Long Beach Naval Shipyard
26 February
Enter Drydock

26 March
Depart Drydock

16 April
Meritorious Unit Commendation presented by COMDESRON 15

2 May
Change of Command. CDR E. W. Carter, III relieved by CDR W. A. WALSH

18 June
Sea Trials

1 July
Sea Trials
7 July
Sea Trials
10 July
Completed restricted availability
11 July
Underway for San Diego
13-17 July
Load ammunition Seal Beach.
Shoot gunnery exercises and calibrate equipment.
Enclosure (1)



22 July-6 August
Missile SAT

7-17 August
Tender availability San Diego
17 August- 2 October
Refresher Training

4 September
Participated in pilot rescue

    1. October
    Tender availability San Diego
    1. October- 29 October
    30 October- 1 November
    Port visit San Francisco

    2 November
    Enroute San Diego
    3-6 November
    Pre-deployment Ordnance Review
    16-20 November
    COMPTUEX 20A-70

      1. November
    Command Inspection
    1. November-4 December
    COMPTUEX 20A-70

    5 December
    Dependent's Cruise
    5 December-31 December
    POM period and Tender availability San Diego


    1. Command Organization and relations

    1. Commanding Officer: CDR E. W. CARTER, III, USN to 2 May;
    CDR W. A. WALSH, USN from 2 May through 1970

    1. Homeport: San Diego, Calif . Enclosure (1)



    1. Mission of Command: To operate offensively with strike force, with hunter /killer groups, in support of amphibious assault operations and screen support forces and convoys against submarine, air, and surface threats.

    1. Composition of Command: Officers - 20 and Enlisted - 329

    1. Operations

    The year 1970 was one of preparation for the TOWERS. Coming out of a tender availability in San Diego, the ship headed for Long Beach Naval Shipyard in late January. Her availability there commenced on 2 February, and after a little over three weeks she went into dry dock. TOWERS stayed there until 26 MARCH.

    The hard work of getting a ship ready to return to the fleet continued through the spring, but even this period had its significant events. On 16 April Commander Destroyer Squadron 15 presented the ship with the Meritorious Unit Commendation for its activities in Vietnam during the last deployment. On 2 May TOWERS bid farewell to CDR E. W. CARTER, III who commended her during her last deployment and welcomed abroad CDR W. A. WALSH who would guide her through the next one.

    The months of June and July we devoted to testing out the ship's capabilities at sea. The ship concluded her sea trials on 7 July and moved from Long Beach to San Diego on 11 July. From San Diego she proceeded to carry out various exercises in the Southern California operations areas designed to test the ship and train her men.

    From 22 July to 6 August TOWERS was involved in carrying out missile exercises with the Special Assistance Team embarked. The results of the period were highly satisfactory and the TOWERS missile systems were pronounced ready to fight.

    The ship had a tender availability from 7 August to 17 August, then she moved to buoy 19 in San Diego Harbor to commence refresher training. The weeks of refresher training were arduous and eventful. On 4 September an F-8 proceeding to provide air services for the ship crashed. Together with the crew of NEWCAR TWO, TOWERS went to the aid of the pilot who successfully ejected. The pilot, LT LAMBERT, whose serial number is unknown was picked up by helicopter after being located by the ship. Fleet Training Group observers embarked gave the unscheduled evolution a grade of outstanding.
    Enclosure (1)




    Refresher training concluded on 2 October and the next three weeks were filled with a tender availability. On 26 October TOWERS returned to sea to carry out various exercises and concluded the week with a three day visit to San Francisco.

    Upon return from San Francisco TOWERS weapons department went through a variety of pre-deployment inspections. The ships next sea period ran from 16 to 20 November when she took part in COMPTUEX 20A-70. Returning from that she went through a three day command inspection prior to Thanksgiving. Following the holidays she went back to sea again as a participant in COMPTUEX 22-70.

    On 5 December TOWERS took its family and friends to sea on a day long dependents cruise. Upon returning to port it began a month long tender availability and preparation for overseas movement period.

    1. Special Topics
    1. Operational Statistics
    1. Underway Replenishment
    September - 1 VERTREP exercise
    2 Refueling
    3 UNREP
    4 UNREP Rearming
    November - 1 Refueling
    1 Exercise Rearming

    1. Ammunition expenditures for exercises (5"/54):
    AAC 35 rnds
    HC 193 rnds
    VT-NF 384 rnds
    BL&P 91 rnds
    ILLUM 49 rnds
    Total 752 rnds

    1. Communications: There were 5,894 messages received and 1884 transmitted during 1970.
    2. Casualties to equipment:

    29 DEC 69 #1C Main Feed Pump 4 FEB 70 (Cancelled)
    6 JAN 70 #2 30 KW MG Set 4 FEB 70 (Cancelled)
    9 JAN 70 Gunfire Control Director MK 68 20 JAN 70
    21 JAN 70 2B Boiler 4 FEB 70 (Cancelled)
    Enclosure (1)