Toast made the EASY way

1964 Yard period- Hunter's Pt., San Fran- The 51 radar system was totally changed from A to the B radar. One of the Raytheon engineers and a 1st class petty office over me on radar 3 got the idea to see what would happen to a slice of white bread if it was held by a stick or fastened somehow the end of the waveguide of the transmitting antennae of the missile director radar 3. I was in the radar console room talking with a couple of our radar crew when the engineer came in to proudly show his prize. He held up a charred black piece of bread with about a 1-1/2" to 2" diameter hole burned right through the middle of the slice.

 Everyone looked at it with amazement and some laughs. I laughed a bit but inside I turned white as a sheet and horrified of feedback to the new radar. Shortly afterwards, I went up to the director to check what had happened and found all the crystal windows at the end of the waveguide melted and black. I just stood there looking at it for a while, feeling depressed. Both men assured me everything would be ok and nothing happened to the pulse radar. This burning of the toast had taken only a couple of seconds and the radar was tuned off. The waveguide was replaced and no problem ever did happen afterwards. But for that moment I was really holding my breath. Their reaction to the whole thing was the sheepish grins of a couple of IMPS.


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