Surf is UP

My station at GQ was in the gun director on top of the bridge. I read your sea story about Linebacker and it brought back great memories. I felt very much like you did, and both wore a flak jacket and sat on one, hoping to protect my privates from airbursts, if necessary.

I remember one night on Linebacker when those arrogant Desron 21 Commodore and staff guys were on board, steaming north in the pitch black at about 28 knots, no radars going, no good fix, when all of the sudden were in the middle of a fishing fleet. Some poor Vietnamese guy's mast on a wooden, sail driven fishing boat is banging down the starboard side, he's half swamped, and one of the signalmen or asw guys (short stocky weightlifter with a great big beard?) goes over to the side and yells "Surf's up, m-----f----r!" We all about fell out of the director howling at the time.


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