On the Deck!!

01/24/2001 LTJG Bob Chadwell - I spent my time on the Westpac cruise as a Gunfire Liason Officer in CIC. My most vivid memory is of a particular "Linebacker" strike into Brandon Bay.

 My GQ station was on the signal bridge calling out counter-battery to the Gunnery Officer. They managed to bracket the ship and the next round was an airburst off the port bow, When I got my wits about me, I looked around to see two or three bodies lying on the deck. My first reaction was they had been hit, but the bodies soon began to talk and get to their feet. We had been so focused on keeping our eyes peeled on the shore no one noticed we were all entangled in the sound powered phone cords. When the round went off we scattered and tripped ourselves!

Robert G. Chadwell


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