Misc Pics

Taken the morning after the USS Roark fire in 1971.  We went to General Quarters around 0300, we (the Towers) assisted until the fire was finally extinguished just before dawn.  We towed the Roark for several days, passed her on to a tug, then proceeded on our own to Vietnam via Guam and Subic Bay.

photo credit:  D Brantly

Photo taken off of the coast of North Vietnam in 1972. 

photo credit:  D Brantly

The following 3 pictures were provided by Glenn Forbus (ET1, DDG-9, 1981-84), Thanks Glenn!!

In Drydock, Yokosuka, 1981

DDG-9, taken from the USS Midway in 1982

3 carrier Battle Group; the Midway, Coral Sea and the Enterprise.  The USS Towers DDG-9 is is outboard of the Coast Guard cutter at the top of the picture.  Picture taken in 1982 or 1983.

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