Good Eyes

On the eve watch the TOWERS received notification of a man overboard from the USS MIDWAY, immediately we went into action calling away personnel on deck to assist in the rescue. Three hours went by, four hours went by and there was no sight of the victim.

The water was well under 40 degrees and we had believed he had drown, then all of a sudden BM2 Rocha and an OS1 noticed the smoke float in the water was peculiarly moving backing and forth vice bobbing up and down with the water. Sure enough the victim was using the float to stay afloat. The USS MIDWAY's helo was notified and came to the scene, they dropped a swimmer in the water for assistance. The swimmer hooked up the victim in a harness to be hoisted upto the helo. The helo started hoisting him but dragged the victim about 100 ft until finally he began to be hoisted. To our suprose the man in the water was only wearing his skivvy shorts, (later we learned that he stayed afloat using bootcamp methods of survival utilizing his uniform, and had taken off his shoes due to they were casing him to sink.) The TOWERS picked up the swimmer and Capt Hancock asked if there was anything he needed, the swimmer replied "A beer would be nice." The TOWERS received a Letter of Commendation for this resuce form Vice Admiral Holcomb. A cake cutting ceremony was held honoring BM2 and OS1 for their good eye's and a story was published in ALL HANDS magazine, "I'M NO MARK SPITZ."


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