Gallery 2


1999 Reunion Pictures!! Thanks to Linda Bradley for sending them in for us!  THANKS Linda!! If any of the names are mis-spelled (or just completely incorrect) please send me an email with the picture # and their location on the picture (Left to Right)  thanks!


Towers Plankowners:
L to R.. Marvin Carter, Bill Kalebaugh, Glen Barlow, James Stringfellow & Roberto Garza.


Standing L to R: Jim Stringfellow, Jerry Skrobacki, Les Morehead, Bob Brandon, Randy Bradley, Cal Beech, Dennis Nicola, Roberto Garza. Seated: Bill Kalebaugh (crouched), Marvin Carter, Pete McDermott, Earl Andrews, Scott Sikes, Jack Metcalf, Glen Barlow.


This is a picture of the Radarmen from the mid sixties who served together in CIC. Standing left to right, RD3 Les Morehead, RD2 Bill Crooks, RD1 Bob Brandon, RD3 Jerry Walton... Seated left to right RD1 Jerry Skrobacki, RD1Cal Beech, RD3 Dennis Nicola.


Jim Young, mark Wood, Mike Fierro, Mark Zanzig (?)


The entire 1999 Reunion attendees with exception of a few that were late and didn't get in on this group shot.


When we couldn't find the guys in a regular meeting, they could be found at a "meeting" in the hotel bar! Of course, these were very informal meetings!

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