Gallery 11

Gallery 11 contains pictures from the 2000 Towers Reunion held in Reno, Nevada, September 26 - 29.  For a schedule of the events that took place during the reunion, please visit the 2000 Reunion Page. Additional pictures [see Gallery 12] will be added as they are made available.Thanks to all of those that have contributed pictures!!  A total of 7 Pictures follow:

Not all of the pictures are yet captioned with the names of the attendees, if you recognize any crewmates that are not yet named please let me know at

USS Towers Plankowners
Standing(L to R):
Bud Davis, Ron Floyd, Richard Werdeman, Bob Rist, Jerry Minas, Bill
Goff, Mike Lomenick, Peter Brown (XO), Norm Rentle (Chief Engineer), Jim Dodd (Operations Officer).  Sitting (L to R): Marvin Carter, Ken Underhill, James Stringfellow, Glen Barlow, Richard Furry (EMO), Luther Davis

USS Towers Wives at the 2000 Reunion
(L to R)  ?,Anna Stringfellow,?,Betty Minas, ?,?, Richard Poole's wife, Ron Floyd's wife, ?,?,Dara Wong, Jane Brown, Shirley Goff. Seated (L to R) ?,?, Walter Herstol's wife, ?,  Lynette Ball, ?,?,?,?. Sitting on floor: left is Linda Bradley, right is Sandy Junge.

1972 Towers WestPac Cruise Members at 2000 Reunion

Standing (L to R): Dennis Brantly, Gary McGuire, Rick Junge, Jerry Douthit, Tom Trelstad
Sitting (L to R): Bob Hopper, Jim Neumann, Randy Fritz, Ray Wong, Roger Ball, David Bagley

USS Towers Webmaster Dennis Brantly (L) receiving award from USS Towers Plankowner Jerry Minas on behalf of all USS Towers crewmembers.

(L to R):  Marvin Carter, Randy Bradley, John Altman, Scott Sikes

(L to R): Marvin Carter, Bud Davis and his wife, Ron Floyd and his wife.

(L to R): ?, Marvin Carter, Bob Rist, Bud Davis, ?.

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