Gallery 10

A special THANKS to Steve Bearden (Electronics Warfare Tech, 74-78) for these fantastic pictures, many of them taken from the forward mast. 9 photos follow:

View forward from mast while underway.

View from high on the forward mast, looking down at the SPS-48 antenna on the after mast.

Looking down the forward stack while it's in operation

Looking up the ladder on the forward mast.  You can see the SPS- 29E antenna framed in the opening.

EW Gang getting ready to pull the radome from the AS-899 antenna.  The wind is really whipping, making it difficult for EW1 Tow to hear on the sound-powered telephone.  Steve Bearden is shown in the center.

OM Division Inspection aboard the Truckin'T.  The first four from left to right ar EW Don McLnturf, EW Bill Klock, OS Darrell Ratcliff, DS Tech Paul Lord.  At far right front in the photo is DS Don Holton, next to him is EW2 Sheppard.  Steve Bearden is third from the right.  Photo taken sometime in 74-78.

Mike Knutsen in the Operations Berthing Compartment, Sept 1975.

Electronics Warfare Technician Bill Klock.  As Steve Bearden recalls, Bill snapped many of the photos of the up-the-mast-while-underway excursion during WestPac 76-77.

EW1 Charlie Tow seems happy to have this job completed.

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