A collection of photos sent in by David J. Staehlin RM2, 8/79 - 12/82.  Thanks Dave!!  10 pictures total...enjoy!

Drydock Yokosuka JA 81 or 82

Drydock port shaft, screw, and rudder. 81 or 82

TOWERS anchored out at Pattaya Beach, Thailand. Arrow points to TOWERS. 1981 or 1982.

RM3 Wayne Palomaki takes a break to read the paper in Radio. Wayne retired in January 1999 as an RM1.

On the port side of the signal bridge: RM1 Richard D. Gallegos, RM3 John Young, and an unidentified SM.

Fo'c'sle - At sea, Location unknown, 81 or 82

Harbormaster Pier, Yokosuka, JA, 81 or 82

Pierside - Location unknown, 81 or 82

RM3 David Staehlin at a teletype machine in Radio. 1981 or 1982.

Three Radiomen tend the phone-distance line during an UNREP. The middle figure with the line is RM3 Wayne Palomaki. 1981or 1982.

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