Commissioning Book

We owe a special THANKS to Jerry Minas for loaning us his original USS Towers Commissioning Book so that we could scan it in for all to enjoy!

The book is a total of 26 pages, and in order for you to navigate to the pages you wish to view I've added a description of each page below:

    Page 1 - Front Cover
    Page 2 - Key Dates and Sponsor
    Page 3 - Ceremony Description
    Page 4 - Picture of Admiral John H Towers
    Page 5 - Biography of Admiral Towers
    Page 6 - Continuation of Biography
    Page 7 -Picture of Sponsor Christening the Towers
    Page 8 - Picture of the Towers Launching
    Page 9 - Picture of the Secretary of the Navy, John Connally, Jr
    Page 10 - Letter from the Secretary of the Navy
    Page 11 - Picture of Admiral Arleigh A. Burke, Navy Chief of Operations
    Page 12 - Letter from Admiral Burke
    Page 13 - Pictures of Admirals Sides, Melson, Towner and Dolan
    Page 14 - Picture and Bio of Rear Admiral T.S. Keith, Commander Cruiser-Destroyer Force United States Pacific Fleet
    Page 15 - Double wide page of the Ceremonies Agenda (notice typo for year)
    Page 16 - Picture and Bio of Commander Cummins, Towers 1st Commanding Officer
    Page 17 - Picture and Bio of Lt. Commander Brown, Towers 1st XO
    Page 18 - Listing of Crew; OI & OC Divisions
    Page 19 - Pictures of Operations Department Officers
    Page 20 - Listing of Crew; First, Second, A, & F Divisions
    Page 21 - Pictures of Weapons Department Officers
    Page 22 - Listing of Crew; M(MM) & M(BT) Divisions
    Page 23 - Pictures of Engineering Department Officers
    Page 24 - Listing of Crew; R & S Divisions
    Page 25 - Pictures of Supply Department Officers
    Page 26 - USS Towers DDG-9 Data Sheet

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