Carrier Gun Shy

In 1972 the Towers was assigned airplane guard for the Australian aircraft carrier Melbourne.  I don't know how true they were, but the rumors were flying about the several destroyers that the Melbourne had run over.  One night early in our assignment, during launching or landing operations our collision alarm went off.  I ran 10 feet then braced myself, then ran another 10 feet.  Soon after I got to my station the word was passed that the collision alarm had shortly out accidently.  To this day I'm suspicious of foul play.

Bob Hopper, ETC

(webmaster's note:  I know of at least 1 destroyer that the Melbourne cut in half in 1969; the USS Frank E. Evans.  As I remember approximately 80 of the crew were lost, including Seaman Tom Box who I went to high school with.  The foward half of the Evans sank in less than 2 minutes,  So Bob is right in that it was a time to be sensitive about being close to the Melborne or any other carrier.)


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