Capt Wylie

August 2, 1999

First, my compliments on the website. It's beautiful to see the old gal pictured there on the internet, and to see the interest so many crewmembers have in keeping the memory of a great ship alive.

Second, my regrets at not being able to attend the reunion in Memphis. I was hoping to block out time to attend, but it just won't happen. I'm 2/3 into my three year tour as Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka. If I were in the States, it would be easier.

However, I wanted to signal my support and best wishes for your efforts. I was DDG-9's last Commanding Officer. I will forever be proud of the ship, the men who constituted the decommissioning crew, and all our predecessors back to the sixties. We decommissioned her right here in Yokosuka, in Drydock number 6, in October 1990. On that day, we had special music played by the Seventh Fleet Band, music from an opera an individual in Pensacola had written based on the life of Admiral Towers. She was still the best looking destroyer in Westpac, and was running like a top.

I think I'm the first afloat skipper (to have had command in Yokosuka) to come back later, as a Captain, to command here ashore. It is my privilege now to lead the base that best takes care of the fleet. We have great people-one or two old Towers' shipmates still around-who have won the Navy's "Installation of Excellence" award-two years running. Yokosuka is no longer the best kept secret in the Navy. All the ships have changed since Towers time here, but the traditions live on.

Feel free to enter this email in the deck log, and share my best wishes with all the reunion attendees.

Fair Winds and Following Seas to all my Towers shipmates.

Warmest Regards,

Captain Jim Wylie, USN
PSC 473 Box 1
FPO AP 96349-1100




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