Boat Rescue

On one of cruises in late 1982 in the South China Sea near Vietnam, a blip was noticed on the radar screen. The CO decided to check it out. To our suprise, we came upon a Vietnamese refugee boat hopelessly adrift and in very poor seaworthy conditon.

The TOWERS took action and came to the rescue. First Division, set up the accom ladder and SN CJ Harris took charge of bringing the refugees aboard, the total of refugees was I believe 70. MS1 Chandler brought out food from the messdecks and BM2 Rodriguez assisted with blankets and tarps.

HMC Girabaldi checked the individuals for medical purposes and ENS (can't remember his name) interpurted French. Myself I took photo's of what was going on, which should be in the TOWERS PHOTO GALLERY. Later on the boatcrew was called away to take the refugees to the USS MIDWAY. Finally CDR (XO) McCarthy and the CMAA fired grenades at the broken down vessel to sink it. This was just another normal day for the Truckin T.

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