Boat Capsize

AUG 1983/After a few months at sea in the Indian Ocean the TOWERS with DESRON 15, was selected to be one of the first warships to pull into Phuket, Thailand. The crew was anxious for liberty call and liberty boats were the only way to shore.

We were suppose to pull in near Patong but due to rough seas we pulled into the otherside of the isalnd near Phuket instead, so now the crew is channel fevered out. Anyway, liberty boats were coming and people were going on liberty, but the boats stopped due to breakdown. A small supply boat came alongside with vegetables, the OOD asked the pilot if some passngers could ride back to the shore and the pilot agreed. The boat seemd to be unstable and the liberty party began to over crowd the boat, suddenly the boat capsized, everyone was in the water, the DISBO almost crushed between the ship and the boat.

Everyone was in shock, panicking to get back on the TOWERS, personal belongings sinking to the bottom of the sea. SN Anderson dove in with his mask to hurry and retieve items, SH3 (name unknowned) dove in to help people in the water. One DP1 was caught in a swell and was being swept out to sea while using his backpack covered in plastic as a floating device, SH3 quickly reacted and swam out to get him, bringin him back safely.

All in all Patong 1983 was one of the best liberty ports I've ever been at, compared to it's built up tourist trap of today 1999.

This incident showed the true fighting and teamwork spirit the USS TOWERS was famous for and will always be remembered by


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