At Sea

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Thanks to Gus DeFore STG2 of "some water over the Bow"pictures.  These 3 photos were taken in 1965.

Preparing to take the USS Roark (DE 1053) under tow in 1971 after her major engine room fire.  We were 2 days out of Midway heading for Guam when the fire occured, the Towers assisted with the fire and in towing her several days back toward Pearl until the tow was assumed by an ocean-going-tug.

The picture to the left was sent by Bob Shanahan (a.k.a. Jack Tar) (Bob is webmaster for the USS Goldsborough DDG-20 website )

This photo is entitled "Seagull appears to be escorting USS Towers to pierside and waiting linehandler." (Photo by PH2 Randy Emmons) This was from the February 1973 issue of VIGILANCE.


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