A Split in the Hull

1965- West Pac- on way to West Pac hit storm with 40 ft+ waves. Soon a split
in the hull developed on the port side in the vicinity of mount 52- 5" gun
mount and the whaleboat. It was about 10 foot long and opened and closed
with wave motion. Tanks were pumped out and fresh water secured. After
Engineering berthing compartment was a mess and maybe Supply too. We made an
unscheduled stop at Pearl for repair. Resumed trip westward, same storm. By
Midway had to escort a few WW2 cans to Midway because they were running low
on fuel. One Can had its hull plates completely gone showing the inside
compartments in the fantail. They repaired at Midway. After that it was on
to Guam and the storm was over by then with a large rainbow behind us.


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