The 2001 reunion was a great success, a special THANKS to Tom Schmidt and his committee for doing an outstanding job!

Pictures from the 2001 Reunion can be found <here>


General 2001 Reunion Information (followed by the latest updates):

2001 Registration Form: <Click Here>

Dates for Reunion: September 27th - September 30th 2001

The Motel address for the 2001 Reunion is:

           REMEMBER to use Comfirmation# 51533 when calling for reservations

Oyster Bay Inn
4412 Kitsap Way
Bremerton, Wa. 98312
Phone; 360-377-5510
FAX 360-377-5549

WEBLINKS to the motel: (includes pictures)

Toll free Reservation Number 1-800-393-3862

Update of 4/22/2001

Good Morning everybody. A few things I forgot to include in the reservation info is the following, concerning the costs of the Motel. Bare in mind that this isn't Vegas or Reno where the rates are cheaper, but the costs are higher. Them slots will get ya.

The negotiated Group Rate, as of right now is Per couple $65.00 plus tax and for single is $60.00 plus tax. The tax in Kitsap County right now is 8.2%. This will include the daily Continental Breakfast. If we get a booking of 30 rooms or more they will wave the Banquet room charge of $165.30/day. I am still negotiating the charge for the Dinner. He wants $35, but wasn't clear if it is per couple,(which is a good deal) or per person, which even a couple of his employee's said was to high. I should be able to find out this week. A No Host Bar will cost $75.00 for Two hours, then will be $15.00/hr for Bar Tending Charge. They have a nice cocktail lounge, and resturant on the premises so give this some thought.

For those of you flying into SeaTac, there is an Airporter Service to Bremerton called the Kitsap/Sea-Tac airporter and will drop you off at the Motel. One way cost is $17.50, Round trip is $31.50. Seniors, which a lot of us fit, is $15.25. The airporter is located at Door#6 at the south end of the baggage pick up area. Needless to say, there is a good selection of rental cars located a Sea Tac.

Ok folks, thats all for now. As things progress, I will get it out. Dennis, if you would, go ahead and edit this for the Web Page. All of you, please forward this on to other shipmates.

Respect to all




This years Towers reunion coordinators are
Thomas Schmidt 77-80 schmidthaus@sinclair.net
and assisted by Bill Bailey 63-68 anchor36@msn.com

Tom n Patti Schmidt wrote:

    Ray: and all Towers shipmates. I now have a good working system so standby for updates. Most everything is firmed up for right now. Opening Ceremonies the evening of Sept 27th with the local NJROTC Presenting the colors. No speaker yet though. On the 28th, we are 1st on the list for a tour of the Subase, and a Trident Submarine if there is one in. They quit serving the noon meal, at the Base Galley for anyone but active duty, but that could change. There are plenty of eating establishments on the base though, so nobody should go hungry. I will get a list together later. Bill Bailey has been hard at work arranging a tour of the USS Turner Joy, Shipyard, and Submarine Museum at Keyport. This will be on Saturday the 29th. He has also made contact with the Chamber of Commerce for some visitors packets. Saturday evening will be the Banquet. This will be leisure dress, as I am sure that very few people have real dress up suits. We plan on some door prizes, and hopefully I can get a speaker. Maybe one of our past C.O.'s would be kind enough to volunteer.?! Sunday Morning the 30th will be the Closing Ceremonies after breakfast. Again the local NJROTC will be there to retire the colors.The World Famous Seattle Mariners will be in town (Safeco Field in Seattle) to give the Oakland Athletics a lesson on how to play in the Major Leagues. We will have Ferry Schedules, Bus Schedules and Taxi numbers on hand for those of you that want to go over to Seattle, and visit the Space Needle at Seattle Center, the Pike Place Market, go to a Ball Game, and etc. Ray, I know that I don't have a complete address list, so if you would, forward this on to the others. Also, I have been getting mail returned to me because the addresses no longer exist or the directory doesn't recognize the address. I will go through my file and get more addresses listed that I don't have right now. That's all for now folks, I will be trying to get an update out at least once a week. Keep your eyes open for the reunion announcements in the various service organizations. Also on www.military.com . Best Regards to you all...Tom Schmidt




The planned dates for the 2001 reunion are:  September 27-30, 2001

The location of the 2001 reunion is to be Bremerton, WA.

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