For pictures from the 2000 Reunion, please go to Pictures2/Gallery11 and to Pictures2/Gallery12


List of 2000 Reunion Attendees and hometowns:

Last Name First Name Rate/Rank Year Hometown State

Altman John - RM - 61-64 - Phoenix OR
Bagley David - CAPT - 71-74 - San Diego CA
Ball Roger - FTCM - 72-74 - Spring Hill FL
Barlow Glen - EMC - 61-63 - Tylertown MS
Barnes Ray - GMMC - 68-72 - Spring Valley CA
Beech Calvin - OSCS - 64-67 - Rancho Cucamonga CA
Berdan Michael - IC1- 76-77 - Sparks NV
Bradley Randy - GMG3 - 62-65 - West Fork AR
Brandon Bob - OSCS - 64-68 - Dover TN
Brantly Dennis - FTM1 - 70-73 - Cary NC
Brown Peter - CAPT - 60-62 - St. Cloud FL
Carter Marvin - MM2 - 60-63 - Desoto TX
Crouse Butch - SH1 - 64-68 - Pinson TN
Davis Rick - RD3 - 65-67 - Redwood Shores CA
Davis Bud - HTC - 61-63 - Montesano WA
Davis Luther - MM2 - 61-63 - Battleground WA
Dodd Jim - LTJG - 61-63 - Rockwall TX
Douthit Jerry - EW1 - 72-73 - Berthold CO
Floyd Ronald - FTMC - 60-63 - Bothell WA
Fritz Randall - PNC - Chula Vista CA
Furry Richard - LTJG - 61-63 - San Rafael CA
Goff Bill - RD - 60-61 - Jefferson, Oregon
Herstol Walter - RD3 - 67-69 - Sun City AZ
Hopper Bob - ETC - 72-75 - Victorville CA
Junge Rick - LTJG - 71-73 - Boise ID
Kluttz Thomas - CS1 - Las Vegas NV
Lobb Bill - BTC - 80-82 - Nampa ID
Lomenick Mike - BT3 - 60-66 - Las Vegas NV
Lowe Ronald - 64 - Seattle WA
Matarazza John - SK2 - 85-88 - Fallon NV
McGuire Gary - LN1 - 72-74 - Chehalis WA
Minas Jerry - SKCM - 61-64 - Prescott Valley AZ
Moore John - BMC - 76-79 - Grove OK
Neumann Jim - STC - 70-74 - Seattle WA
Poole Richard - LCDR - 62-64 - Gautier MS
Rentle Norm - LT - 60-62 - Valley Center CA
Rist Bob - BT1 - 61-68 - Tillamook OR
Samaniego Sam - BT3 - 70-71 - Chicago IL
Sikes Scott - RM1 - 62-64 - Bouse AZ
Stringfellow James - BM - 60-62 - Millington TX
Turner Bill - BT2 - 64-68 - Bothell WA
Trelstad Tom - BM1 - 71-75 - Pittsburg CA
Underhill Kenneth - BT1 - 60
Weaver Thomas - GMGC - 70-72 - Las Vegas NV
Werderman Richard - FTCM - 61-64/67-71 - Sprague River OR
Wong Raymond - ICC - 70-73 - San Francisco CA


Latest Update (9/23/2000) follows:

Dear Towers Shipmates,

USS Towers Reunion 2000 Schedule of Events

Harrah's will have a free shuttle service between the Reno Airport and Harrah's

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2000 Check-In
Check-in time begins at 1500 hours
Towers Reunion registration fee $25.00 per crew member
I will try and have the hospitality room underway by Tuesday afternoon.
Towers hospitality room is located at the East Tower.
Our Towers Reunion room block is also in the East Tower.
Important: Touch base with me on Tuesday.
I will need a final count for all of our events.

Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2000
Reunion Opening Ceremony
0900 (Sharp)-1015 Ormsby Room Harrah's Convention Center
Keynote Speaker: CAPT Peter G. Brown, USN(Ret)
Towers Commissioning Executive Officer
1030 Board bus and van for NAS Fallon Tour
Cost of transportation approx. $8.00
12:00 Lunch at the NASF Galley Cost $3.00 cash pay at the galley
After lunch Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center and the Search and Rescue facility
1700-1800 Arrive at Harrah's Reno
1930 "Dancing in the Street" A rockin' retrospective of Song and Dance
2200 "Erocktica2000.com" Adult rated online fantasies live on stage
I have 20 pre-paid tickets to each show, dinner is not included.
See me for show tickets $10.00. Available first come first served.

Thursday, Sept. 28, 2000
0800-1300 USS Towers Business Session
Esmeralda Room, Harrah's Convention Center
My wife, Dara will coordinate activities for the ladies.
Including shopping and downtown walking tours of nearby attractions.
1300 or conclusion of business session Lunch
After Lunch Local tour of Virginia City or Lake Tahoe.
I didn't booked any guided tours. I'm hoping that we have enough cars
to car pool all of the shipmates to either Virginia City or Lake Tahoe.
1700 Towers Reunion Banquet, no-host cocktail hour.
1800 Towers Reunion Banquet $30.00
Prospectors Room our own private room
Banquet Menu consisting of,
Caesar Salad
Twin of Beef and Chicken
Medallions of Beef Tenderloin and
Chicken Breast on an Herbal Crouton served with a Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Wild Rice Pilaf
Fresh Seasonal Vegetable
Homemade Rolls and butter
Cappuccino Florentine
Coffee, Decaf, or Tea

Friday, Sept. 29, 2000
Check-out time 12 noon
TBD Informal Morning Brunch get-together probably 1000
Fresh Market Square Buffet $6.99

For those who are staying past Friday,
Friday night, 1930 KC & The Sunshine Band Tickets $20-35
Saturday and Sunday Custom Car Show

USS Towers hospitality room will be open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
Towers hospitality room will be closed during the meetings, tours, and reunion dinner.
Come on by have a drink and some snacks and meet your Towers shipmates.
Towers hospitality room will be at the East Tower.

USS Towers merchandise available at the reunion.

USS Towers command ball caps
Regular $8, with single row scrambled eggs $10, double row $13
USS Towers directly embroidered shirts
S,M,L,XL $16.00 XXL $18.00
USS Towers command pins

Raymond Wong
Coordinator, USS Towers Reunion Year 2000




Towers reunion bulletin,

Our Towers reunion group is confirmed on a tour of NAS Fallon on September 27th from noon to 3:30 p.m. The bus will pick us up at Harrah's the morning of Sept. 27th at 10:30 a.m. to allow adequate time to travel to NAS Fallon. Cost of the bus transportation will be $6.00-$8.00 per person depending on the final transportation cost. There is a charge of $3 per person to eat at the NASF Galley. Our group will pay at the door with cash.
We are scheduled to visit the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center, the Search and Rescue facility. At this moment, the NAS Fallon tour is fully booked with 60 shipmates and their guests. It is likely there will be some shipmates canceling the tour on the last minute which will allow for additional shipmates.

In order for me to plan for the reunion events, I must have a headhunt as soon as possible. Can all shipmates definitely attending the reunion send me an e-mail indicating who will be accompany them on this reunion and their name(s). There will be a Towers reunion dinner on Thursday night. Please indicate whether you would like to attend or participate with any of the planned events. I know that many of you already sent me this e-mail and I would like to thank you. I want to double check in case the original message got lost or misdelivered. I have been having periodic problems with my internet service provider.
Other group events which I would like to include during this reunion:

  • Dinner-show at Harrah's
  • Tour of Virginia City
  • Tour of Lake Tahoe

Reminder: The deadline for hotel reservations at the reunion group rate is August 25, 2000.

Towers reunion registration fee of $25.00 will be collected at the reunion.
There will be an assortment of Towers merchandise available for purchase at the Tower's reunion ship stores.

Hope to see you there and let's all have an enjoyable and successful reunion.

Raymond Wong
Coordinator, USS Towers DDG-9 Reunion Year 2000
Towers Crewmember 1970-73




Dear Towers Shipmates,

Important Note: If you are attending the reunion, be sure to place your hotel reservation prior to August 25th. The reunion contract which I signed with Harrah's guarantees our $39.00 per room group rate until that date. After that date, Harrah's can charge the prevailing rates.

For hotel reservations, call 1-800-Harrahs (1-800-427-7247).  Be sure to use group code "STOWERS" when placing your reservations.

This week, I will be contacting the PAO NAS Fallon to confirm our Wednesday September 27th tour of the "Top Gun" base.

There is no need to send the $25.00 reunion registration fees. I will collect it at the reunion. That way it will be easier for all of us.

I placed an order for 50 USS Towers embroidered silhouette ball caps from an official Navy ball cap vendor. Also in the order will be 30 navy blue "golf shirts" with the matching design of the ball caps. The shirt sizes will be assorted from small to XXL. Since my days on the Towers, I went from Medium to XL. The approx. price will be $9.00 caps, $18.00 shirts, $20.00 for XXL. I have also contacted a pin manufacturer and is in the planning stages to have the Towers command patch design placed on a pin. I haven't finalized the contract but will try and keep the cost at $2.00 per pin. My wife agrees to set up the Towers ship's store and sell these items at the reunion. For mail orders, there will be additional charges for shipping TBD. I will pay for the "up-front" money required for these merchandise. The order should be ready prior to reunion time.

Please pass this information to any shipmates who is not on the mailing list. Looking forward to reacquaint and meet new Towers shipmates during this reunion.


Raymond Wong
Coordinator, USS Towers Reunion Year 2000



Dear Towers Shipmates,

September Reunion Plans Update

Today, I talked with the PAO at "Top Gun" NAS Fallon, NV regarding the tour of their base. The Towers reunion group is booked for a tour of NAS Fallon on Wednesday Sept. 27, 2000. 1-4 PM. Lunch will be at the base galley upon arrival at 1 PM. The cost of this good ol' Navy chow is $3.00 per person. I'm sure it won't be as good as the Towers chow but considering it's being served by Airedales it's still a deal.  There will be a maximum of 45 person allowed on this tour. If need arises, I will book a second tour for the following day on Sept. 28, 2000.

The base requires that our group tour the base with their own ITT (special services) bus. We must rent the bus and hire the driver from ITT. We must board the bus at Harrah's by 11:30 AM in order to arrive at Fallon by 1 PM.  They will get back with me as to the cost.

If any of you knows the NAS Fallon Commanding Officer-Captain David Rogers or
the Executive Officer-Commander Christopher J. Lindberg. Perhaps, dropping them a correspondence that we're visiting their base should ensure that we're properly accommodated during the tour. Our shipmates will greatly appreciate it.

I would like to thank the Towers shipmate who placed the Towers reunion notice in the "Navy Time". I didn't place the notice and I've received several responses from some shipmates.

Just a reminder:  Harrah's Towers reunion contract rate is guaranteed until August 27, 2000.  Reservations after the cut-off date may not be given the guaranteed contract rate.

If you already made your Harrah's reservations, please send me a reply indicating that you have reservations. I need to have a tally of shipmates attending this reunion in case I need to increase the room block.

If you definitely wants to be included on the NAS Fallon Tour, please send me a reply since there will be a limit on the seats available on the bus.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in September.


Raymond Wong
Coordinator, USS Towers Reunion Year 2000



Dear Towers shipmates,

As this year's USS Towers reunion coordinator, I would like to invite all of you to the Towers 2nd annual reunion. This year's reunion will take place at Harrah's Hotel-Casino in Downtown Reno. The reunion dates are Sept. 26-28, 2000.

I'm in the final negotiating phase with Harrah's and will be signing the accomodation/reunion contract with them soon. The group rates which we agreed upon will be $39.00 per room single or double occupancy. This is about half off of their normal rates. There will be a reunion registration fee of $25.00 per Towers crew member attending the reunion to cover miscellaneous expenses. Any money remaining from the registration fees which is not used will be turn over to the Towers Association. I would like to welcome any comments or suggestions.

Click below for Harrah Reno's web site,

Click below for Reno Visitor information.

Hope to see all of you in Reno later this year.

ICC Raymond Wong, USNR(Ret)
Coordinator, USS Towers reunion year 2000


Fellow Towers Shipmates,

One of the Towers shipmate requested for a Towers Reunion Schedule of events. After giving it some much needed thought, I came up with this tentative schedule. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

The Towers reunion dates and events tentatively planned is as follows:

Tues., Sept. 26
Check-in after 3:00 pm Towers Hospitality Room will be opened in the late afternoon and evening.

Wed, Sept. 27 Morning Opening Ceremony followed by Towers Shipmate Association Meeting. Wed Afternoon-I will try to arrange for a tour of the Navy's Top Gun Base at NAS Fallon, NV approx. 40 miles east of Reno. If enough interest, our group can attend one of the evening shows at Harrah's. The sales manager will arrange for half-off tickets if we have ten or more.

Thur, Sept. 28 Morning Meeting
Thur afternoon-tour local area Lake Tahoe or Virginia City Reunion group dinner Ormsby Dinning Room 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Menu to be determined. Dinner approx cost $25.00-$30.00 per person

Friday, Sept. 29 Breakfast get-together
Check out of Hotel by 12:00 noon

When calling Harrah's Reno for room reservations, be sure to mention USS Towers Group Code "STOWER". This will ensure receiving the reunion contract rate of $39.00. Anyone desiring to stay after Friday's check out will be charged the prevailing room rates of $89.00.

The above events are not finalized and are subject to change.


Raymond Wong


To: USS Towers (DDG-9) Shipmates

From: ICC Raymond Wong, USNR(Ret)

Dear fellow USS Towers (DDG-9) shipmates,

Over the past several months, I have been in contact with several of theTowers crewmembers. All of them have express a desire to form a reunionand meet up with old shipmates. Yes, Im interested in forming a reunion committee, please e-mail me if youre interested in being a member ofthe USS Towers reunion committee.

My goal is to have a reunion sometime in the year 2000 and perferably in the West Coast.  I'm tossing the idea of having the reunion in Reno, Nevada. Please send me your feedback on this location.

Fellow shipmates, Chiefs, and Officers, I'm interested in having some ofthe CPOs and Officers in this committee. So far, I have 67 contacts on my e-mail list and several more with only address and telephonecontacts. Some of you have given me your e-mail address, others I have gotten by word of mouth or I have found by searching the internet.Since the Towers was commissioned for nearly 30 years, theres no reason why we can't round up several hundred shipmates. As soon as we can have a firm commitment from several hundred shipmates to participate in a Towers reunion. This reunion WILL be a reality.

We have 1 1/2 years togo! I need your help if you can contact our shipmates so I can add to this list. We as Towers shipmate can get this together!! I plan to send a periodic reunion progress report in the near future. Hope to hear fromyou shipmates with ideas, suggestions and assistance.If you can e-mail me your address and phone number, thatll be great since e-mail addresses do change. Please pass this on to a TOWERS shipmate if they have not already been notified that shipmates are in search of them.

Remember: Towers reunion in the year 2000, lets make it happen!


ICC Raymond Wong, USNR(Ret)1634 38th AvenueSan Francisco, CA 94122 (415) 566-7285




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