I have received from the Naval Historical Center of the Department of the Navy copies of the USS Tower's ship's history submissions for the following years (many of these were classified and only declassified within the past several years). These histories were provided each year to the Naval Historical Center by the Towers Commanding Officer, and contain (usually) the ship's schedule for that year and a record of important events. Some of these reports are only 1 sheet, however many of them are 4-8 sheets in length. I need VOLUNTEERS to assist in transcribing these 'paper' documents into electronic format so that they can be placed on the website (this involves typing the content of the report into a computer file and forwarding the file to me, you can use whatever text editor / wordprocessor that you have). I would normally scan these documents in, however all were done on a typewriter and many just would not scan very well.

If you have interest in helping out, just let me know which year you would like to work on and I will hardcopy and forward the document to you. I will place the name of the person that is working on the document by the year below, please request a year that doesn't have a name by it. Most years of the Towers service are represented, however the Historical Center could not find a few years. I can be contacted at the following email address dbrantly@nc.rr.com .

Towers Association Webmaster


1961 - Kenneth Bedore
1962 - Not Available
1963 - Kenneth Bedore
1964 - Winston Bingham ----------Completed
1965 - Winston Bingham ----------Completed
1966 - Ray Wong -------------------Completed
1967 - Ray Wong -------------------Completed
1968 - Tom Hill ---------------------Completed
1969 - Tom Hill ---------------------Completed
1970 - Ray Wong -------------------Completed
1971 - Glenn Wright ----------------Completed
1972 - Glenn Wright ----------------Completed
1973 - Glenn Wright ----------------Completed
1974 - Glenn Wright ----------------Completed
1975 - Glenn Wright ----------------Completed
1976 - Vicki Hudak
1977 - Vicki Hudak
1978 - Al Olson
1979 - Al Olson
1980 - Not Available
1981 - Not Available
1982 - Ron Potter
1983 - Not Available
1984 - Not Available
1985 - Naman D. Francis
1986 - Naman D. Francis
1987 - Naman D. Francis
1988 - Kenneth Bedore
1989 -
1990 - Minh Pham -------------------Completed