Below are scans of 35mm slides that were provided by Tom Hill. Most of these 14 photos were taken in or around 1968. Thanks Tom!

Ryan (in the rear and to the left) got the Bronze Star for throwing a burning magnesium flare overboard. The flare had been dropped from a chopper when we were searching for a pilot that crashed off a carrier. The flare could have burned through the deck and into the magazine.


USS Towers tied up alongside the USS New Jersey in Subic Bay (1968)


Another shot of the Towers tied up alongside the New Jersey


Photo of the Gunners Mates (1968)


Hill and Grostick ( notice the bridge in San Diego wasn't finished yet! )


Holyfield, Hill, and Boado


Hagge, Pereira and Dat

Gunners Boado and Ryan (Thanksgiving 1968)

Mount 52 (notice empty powder canisters)


Vu Van Tinh, South Viet Midshipman


Ensign Lohnes


Chief Uhler (see Memorial page of this website, Chief Uhler died of injuries received in 1972 off the coast of Vietnam)


Gunner Bergman (in the middle of the photo)


Gunner Christie