John Deaton, Plank Owner Fire Control Officer, commenced his navy career as a seaman aboard a destroyer in the Yangtze River while I was still in high school. Even when he retired as a LCDR he didn't shed his uniform; he taught JROTC in Morristown TN until he was 65. His sea stories were always funny and self-depreciating; nearly always with a moral. I can't remember a more trusting, loyal friend. He died 10/17/02 of kidney failure, but it was just the last of several ailments that he fought valiantly, just like he lived life. His wife wrote the following poem that I would like to share with all who check into your website.

JJ Dodd


My Sailor

My Sailor left the Port of Earth
To sail on Heaven's sea.
And God will have no better hand,
To serve aboard, than he.

He loved to feel the ocean winds
And taste the salty air
Of all the places in the world
He was the happiest there.

I know that he is smiling
He's where he wants to be
Goodbye, God speed, my darling
Your spirit's back to sea.

Faye Trail Deaton
Oct. 18, 2002