2 Towers Challenge Coin Designs:

If ordering only the Towers coins (additional items are available in the ships store), the coins are $8 each and $1 each for postage for a total of $9 for each coin. Please remember there are two coin designs, one is in honor of the USS Towers Vietnam Veterans and the other cover the years 1961-1990 and has Admiral Towers duty assignments on the reverse. Please specify which coins you would like when ordering.

To order either or both coins contact Ray Wong usstowersddg9@pacbell.net

Vietnam Era:

Towers Challenge Coin - Vietnam Service


Overall (1961 - 1990):

Towers Challenge Coin - Generic


These were recently a big hit at the 2013 Reunion!

Drop me a note if you would like more information on these coins.

Dennis Brantly (Webmaster)